A Culinary Adventure in Siargao Island

We were lucky enough to have met Ms Dominique (the owner of the place we stayed in). She was very helpful by giving us a list of restaurants and dishes that we should try in the island. Her list was very comprehensive that she gave us the best places to eat in during every meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), and even a complete list of drinks to try out in each bar.

Hopefully, I would also be able to relay to you a few of my favorite dishes in Siargao during our visit.

Barrel Bar


The garlic rice was the best I've ever tried in my entire life. The roast chicken was really good too. We also tried their Pork Shashlik, which was russian-styled barbecue. But we didn't really like it very much because it wasn't easy to eat because of it's hard meat. They also serve the Jack Daniels Burger, which was really juicy and delicious as well.


What to eat: Boom Dia Power Bowl

Perfect place to eat during breakfast. Their power bowls were infused with energy-giving, healthy, and delish ingredients that would set you off to a very good start to your day. They also serve coffee and lattes that are real pick-uppers too.

Kermit Surf and Dive Resort

What to eat: Classic Tomato & Cheese Pizza with Salami and Truffle Pasta

This place had numerous dishes to choose from, and I'm guessing, based from the ones that I've tried, all are really mouthgasmic. Another dish that is a must-try is also the Foccacia.

Mama's Grill

What to eat: Barbecue (Pork and Chicken) with Sweet or Spicy Sauce

This must be the one restaurant in the island that opens in the evenings only. This must be one of the reasons why they never run out of diners. They serve really inexpensive but amazingly scrumptious grilled meat in their homemade sauce that you would really fall in love with.

Shat's Place

What to eat: Classic Breakfast Meals (Bacon, Eggs, Corned Beef, etc)

A lot of restaurants serve breakfast, but nothing beats a classic Filipino meal in front of you during the first break of day.


La Carinderia

What to eat: Panzerotti

This was a cheese-filled dish that was a surprisingly good and filling appetizer. They also served this Eggplant Parmigiana that can be a favorite even if you're not a fan of vegetables. You should also try their Pumpkin Polpetta.


Bravo Beach Resort

What to try: Classic Bacon Breakfast meal, Pork Curry with Coconut Salad, Red Sangria and Frozen Pomada


This was probably our most favorite restaurant. We ate here more times than we ate in the other places. Primarily because we were living near the resort, but ultimately because they had very, very exceptional food. And their staff were really accommodating and nice.

Harana Resort

What to try: Shawarma (Chicken and Beef) and Nipa Wine cocktail or "Pauroy"

They have the best-tasting, big-serving shawarmas I've ever tried. You should definitely find time to visit this place and enjoy the good food that they serve. The ambiance is perfect for a night of lounging by their propped up pillows and attractive light fixtures.

What I loved most about the food in Siargao, aside from the fact that were obviously really good, was that they were really affordable. Again, for a place filled with foreigners, their prices were not exaggerated, unlike other tourist destinations in the Philippines.

And since there is a healthy mix of different cultures, there are a variety of options to choose from, whether you like European, Asian, American, Italian or Filipino food, you can find it in all of the restaurants around the island.

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