Concepcion Group of Islands

Concepcion Tourism Office

From the Ceres Bus Terminal in Tagbak, Ilolo, you can get a bus to drop you off in the little municipality of Concepcion. Located several hours away from Iloilo City, this quiet town is home to around 40,000 locals. One of their most popular tourist destination is the group of islands that is littered with beautiful sand beaches.

The first thing we did was to visit their tourism office, where they centralize the deployment of boats that would take you to the said islands. They have different rates depending on the number of people and the number of spots you would want to visit. For our group, we chose three.

Before heading off, we walked around to buy food and drinks for the trip. Though, I would advise that you buy supplies before going to Concepcion since they don't have a lot of options to choose from, especially when you go there in the morning and on a Sunday.

Concepcion Island

The size of the boat was a bit surprising for us. Hailing from Cebu where island hopping is a favorite local and tourist activity, the boats we're used to are a bit bigger. We were sort of reluctant at first, but when we saw that the boatmen were really experienced at what they do, our confidence were quickly won over. 

Lumpatan Island

Lumpatan Island Concepcion

Our first stop showcased numerous rock formations. We started our trip at lunch time, which made the sun extra severe. As soon as we got out of the boat, we were greeted by a numerous locals shading inside a small cave, facing the sea. 

As we walked further into the island, we got a treat of the beautiful medley of colors: the blue-green ocean and the striking gray color of the rocks angrily shaped by the waves of the sea.

Agho Island Resort

Agho Island Concepcion

Agho Beach Resort Concepcion

We had lunch at our second stop. This was also the island that we spent most of our time in. Cottages were at an affordable price as well. The place was nestled in between the beach. The sand wasn't as white as I expected though. And it wasn't fine and it was filled with pebbles, which wouldn't allow you to walk barefoot.

Agho Beach Resort Concepcion
Agho Beach Resort Concepcion
Agho Beach Resort Concepcion

While cooling off in the pristine waters of the beach, you'll get treated to the beautiful sight of coconut trees, nipa cottages, and the bluest skies. And though, the sun was shining really bright, we could not stop ourselves from enjoying the water. 

Sandbar Island Resort

Sandbar Island Resort Concepcion

Sandbar Island Beach Resort

Our last stop was in the infamous sand bars in Iloilo. The huge stretch of sand was a welcoming sight, despite the heat. We took the time to lounge around this beauty. We enjoyed taking several shots to imprint everything into our memories. 

Agho Beach Resort Concepcion
Agho Beach Resort Concepcion
Sandbar Island Resort Concepcion

The definite highlight during my entire trip was the time I got to spend with my friends. After all, it's not the place but more on who you explore it with. Yes, the beaches and the sand were an amazing bonus to this trip. But the laughter and memories made with this bunch were what made it extra special.

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