Palawan: Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa

In a myriad of numerous beach resorts to choose from, you would likely want to visit one of the best. Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa is definitely one of those. Venue to numerous events like Ms Asia Pacific International 2016 and etc; Sheridan is preferred by a lot of local and international tourists for its world-class service and spectacular amenities.

(c) IG: jbm_wandering
(c) IG: jbm_wandering

How to get there:

We were coming from Puerto Princesa City when we visited the resort. We headed off to their office located in Jeco Building, Rizal Ave Ext. The resort has several booking offices located in Puerto Princesa, Cebu and Metro Manila. This is to make reservations convenient. For the Puerto office, it is where you make arrangements for day tour.

They charge Php 1,500 with lunch buffet /meal (depending on the availability), and use of all amenities. They also provide round-trip van transfer from the city to Sabang Beach, where the resort is located.

It was because of the transfer arrangements that I was truly impressed by their customer service. Upon booking for the day trip, we specifically instructed the Puerto office that we were not going to ride the provided van going back to the city since the last trip was scheduled at 4:30 PM. We wanted to catch the sunset by the beach, so the front officer advised us that she will be making reservations in the public van for us to ride back to the city instead. The last trip was at 6:30 PM, which was perfect for us. However, she completely forgot to make the arrangement for the public transport. And when we double checked the public van availability, they were already fully booked and unable to include more passengers. Because of this, the staff arranged a private van transfer from Sabang beach back to Puerto Princesa city for us, free of charge. It was hassle-free and a truly amazing experience for us.


The whole place was paradise. Though, there were some sections that were closed for renovation, we were still able to appreciate the beauty of the place. The spectacular mix of their numerous modern-set swimming pools and their long-stretch beaches outside were slices of heaven on earth.

Swimming Pools

If you're not very fond of seawater and would just like to enjoy a lazy lounge by the pool with a good book to read and a cold beer to drink, you'll have a wide array of spots to choose from here. All their swimming areas are colored in deep blue hues to complete the tropical vibe.


Sabang Beach

The outside of the resort is lined with the Sabang beach stretch. The view is shared with the other resorts around the area. The sand is infinitely soft and wonderful to scamper around in.

My favorite were the hammocks on the outside part of the resort. They were hung between gigantic coconut trees. It was the perfect rendition to the kind of break needed for people used to the hustle and bustle of living in the city. 

The sunset was definitely worth the wait. A walk by the beach while watching the colors play with the sky were both romantic and peaceful.

Exploring Sabang

If you find the food a bit pricey in the resort, there are actually a lot of options outside that you can choose from. We found one shack near the terminal and pier that served really affordable snack dishes like burger, shake, etc. The local who owned the place was very nice and friendly too.

The trip to Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa was probably one of the highlights in my Palawan trip. If you want a break from the usual tourist spots that people go to, this place is a definite must-visit. Sabang is also where the port to the Underground River is located. If you're planning a trip to see the world-renowned cave, plan a day trip or even stay the night in this beautiful man-made wonder.

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